Artnobel-LaBauma Properties


Castellbell i el Vilar, Barcelona

LABauma-ARTNOBEL is a multidisciplinary art space for the production, dissemination, development and commercialization of cultural projects, as well as a space for artistic training workshops aimed at all audiences with the intention of generating and sharing knowledge.

A commitment to quality in production, offering spaces and resources to creators and professionals of local and global culture, with a residency program that favors the phases of the creative process. A platform for entrepreneurs, collectors, artists and creators to meet, guaranteeing access to new, innovative and experimental cultural content.

A project aimed at favoring multiple forms of artistic creation, generating knowledge and dialogue. It should work for the development of the social dimension of art, proximity culture and projection in community spaces as in the task of generating new audiences.


LA BAUMA-ARTNOBEL pays special attention to supporting young creators and cultural projects that initiate their activity, being a priority line. The residencies aim to respond to the difficulties of these creators to access work spaces from where they can launch projects.

It offers the necessary work space to creators, cultural professionals and entrepreneurs who are in the initial phase of creating a cultural project or company to develop their activity. The creative residency wants to facilitate the access of collectives to a laboratory space where to work the most creative area of the project, that is, the idea and its development.

To be developed:

Artnobel Grant and Awards: with the will to support the youngest and freshest creation, offering a space with the necessary technical conditions for the creation, production and exhibition, as well as the necessary resources for the dissemination and communication of the project. The Artnobel Grant is part of LABAUMA-ARTNOBEL’s Creation Support Area, specialized in plastic arts and covering all phases of the creation process.


The exhibition is an essential tool of the support to creation, as the culmination of the creative process through the presentation of the work before the public and professionals of the sector. The space and technical means are provided to present their works and thus promote their entry into the professional circuit. It is committed to a stable and multidisciplinary programming that makes possible a decentralized cultural offer of quality.

Calle la Bauma, 76-78 Castellbell i el Vilar, Barcelona.

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