Magazine Nº20 Máxima Romero: Translating sound into intuitive patterns


Artnobel Inspiration Review of Contemporary Art. It is the digital magazine that promotes art with a strong presence on the Internet since 1999.



In this issue you will find:

4. Editorial Abate Bussoni «On the shoulders of the hurtful loneliness of a thinker».

6. From traditional art to digital art: an astonishing journey of no return.

12. The story of Miró’s Star Tapestry

22. Máxima Romero, translating sound into intuitive patterns

23. Collection «OM» a series of NFT’s by MxmR

28. More than 130 meters high above the city

34. «Form follows love» Anna Heringer a revolutionary conception of architecture

46. Biennale 2022. The present more and more with women

56. Symphony, an emotional journey through music with Gustavo Dudamel

70. EARTH without ART is just «EH». Máxima Romero by Maru Varela.

72. FAIM ART, the fair of independent artists, is back

76. Moco Museum introduces AR in the work of Guillermo Lorca

84. Who is Máxima?

86. Una Servilleta Para Pintar, Máxima Romero’s Solidarity Project

90. OLEA, a unique olive oil
98. Orlando Mondragón Takes the Pulse of Poetry

100. Casa Batlló, a Living Work of Art

106. Giorgio Morandi «an artist among artists» 106.

114. Ferran Adrià’s Theory of Culinary Evolution in 114 NFT’s

120. Sandra Guimarâes and Vicente Todolí guest curators of PHotoESPAÑA 2022

130. Rachel Valdés takes you to «Eternity».

134. David Pou #tincganesdepinting the «canvas moment».

142. The Majestic brings its collection closer to its guests.

150. Marta Carceller. A few meters from the sea

152. ABSOLUTismo (or the geometry of a dictatorship)

156. MasClasses. We love the art world

158. ARCOmadrid 2023 will be immersed in the Mediterranean Sea

162. The inspiring counter: Máxima Romero ARTexperience with Ecosensory Events


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