Friday, June 24, visiting the Contemporary Art Center of Malaga, we attended the official opening of the retrospective “Easy Freedom” of the German artist, resident in New York, Erik Parker.

The exhibition, which will be open until August 28, is a compilation of 40 works full of personal stories and a strong criticism of the political, social and economic panorama since Parker began his career in 2000 to the present day.

The landscapes of lush vegetation and figurative paintings have been selected by curator Fernando Francés.

The fluorescent color palette, collage and airbrushing result in psychedelic autobiographical works replete with allusions to media, popular culture, music and art history.

As Erik Parker himself states, his need to experiment leads him to work in other formats of the canvas such as pyramids or totems because he considers them universal icons easy to recognize.

The works on display are characterized by incorporating the title of the piece in each composition and by being born from the outside of the canvas.

Pictured “Shake Down,” 2018. Acrylic and collage on canvas. Diptych. The Dean Collection.

On cover “It’s Time,” 2021. Acrylic and collage on canvas. Beth Redmond Collection.